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13 Oct 2020
Trustee Training Toolkit webinar for Trustees
The Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) is offering FREE webinars for member Trustees who require training on the Trustee Training Toolkit, for more information, email
02 Oct 2020
Are you a new pension fund member
Have you recently been appointed as a pension fund member and need to attain the required skills? The FSCA Trustee Training Toolkit provides the minimum skills and training requirement as stated in section 7A(3)(A) of the Pension Funds Act. A board member must attain the certification of the Trustee Training Toolkit within a period of six months from the date of appointment to the board. If you would like to know more about the training, please email
Trustees' Testimonials
What are the Trustees saying about the training modules?
Anthony Lansdown
Dear FSB, firstly congratulations, this is an excellent product and must have taken a lot of work. Well done! It is very user friendly and I find myself totally engaged with the board game.

Belinda Selakazi
Well done, this first module touches on the main areas of governance by the board in a very friendly format. I find that heartening that the FSB is getting involved in the trustee training.

Fredrick Chagwana
I think that this is a wonderful way of providing trustees with the necessary education and knowledge to fulfil our duties and applications better. The guidance on basic legal, financial, actuarial and investment concept is great. Siyabonga

Lorraine Carmichael
This trustee tool kit looks very impressive. I look forward to using it when it becomes active and will definitely spend some time on the content. Well done FSB, your involvement and commitment to the training of trustees is highly appreciated.

Sibu Mkwanazi
What I saw was well done, simple and clear and well illustrated. I tested a wrong answer as well and I agree with the feedback given immediately and the pertinent points were highlighted.

Walter Hattingh
As trustees we face so many challenges in exercising our duties from overseeing investments, monitoring the administration of the fund and communicating with our members. We should all register including alternate trustees as we never know when their services will be needed.

Wilmina Sekogeng
Trustee training has been all over the place in South Africa. It is good to see that the FSB is taking the proverbial bull by the horns. I really enjoyed the programme and I think the response time is perfect.
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What is the Trustee Toolkit Training Programme?

The Trustee Toolkit training programme is a development programme for trustees, based on the Financial Sector Conduct Authority's (“FSCA”) guidelines on good governance for retirement funds which assists trustees to get a better understanding of their role and function. The programme will also assist you as a new or advanced trustee to perform your duties more effectively.

Training can either be done individually online or through facilitated, face-to-face workshops. For more information on Trustee Training workshops email

Is the Trustee Toolkit Training really free?

Yes, it is free. There is free access to the online programme. There are also no costs involved for the orientation workshops at which Trustee Toolkit handbooks are provided free of charge.
There is also no direct cost attached to the online summative assessment, only the cost of Internet access and printing the completion certificate.

Can anyone use the Trustee Training Toolkit Training Programme?

Anyone who is functionally literate in English can use the Trustee Toolkit training programme, however the programme is predominately for new and existing trustees.

How do I register?

Click on the Register button in the right hand side corner at the top of the screen, or click here.

Where do I get online help?

Email or call 012 428 8000

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